Thong Bikinis

Thong bikinis are perhaps some of the sexiest items you can have in your closet. Come summer, you will surely find some of these revealing bottoms worn on the beach or by the pool. These are just so provocative and eye-catching. It would be hard to miss them.

And sure enough, anyone wearing a thong bikini on the beach or poolside is bound to catch attention. These pieces can make anyone look so hot and sexy. But then again, it can also be that the wearer is hot and sexy already, with or without the thongs. It takes a certain kind of woman to pull off this type of outfit. Not all people can look good in them. But many can try. It may take some work but with time and determination, this can be achieved. Here are some tips:

thong bikini micro thong bikini

Not everyone has a rear end that can pull off wearing a thong. Below are a few tips to help get your bottom thong ready.

1. Exercise regularly.

This is the one major prerequisite in achieving a body that thongs would want to be worn on. Regular exercise means doing at least three days of workout per week. Each day should have these three workout components: cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and stretching exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises are mainly for your heart and lugs. However, these exercises are the best ways to quickly rid your body of fat and excess calories. Whatever you put in is immediately used up when you do cardiovascular exercises. Anyone who is just starting with their workout routine needs to do a lot of these exercises. This is to “melt” stored fat. Once you rid your body of these fats, the muscles become more apparent. Any work you do with these muscles will definitely be more obvious.

Strength training uses free weights or weight and exercise machines. The main point of these exercises is to build up strength. These also help bulk up the muscles so they become more visible. An effect of having bigger muscles is that they would require more energy (or calories). This way, you end up burning more fat and calories through your muscles. This happens even during rest intervals.

Stretching exercises, on the other hand, ensures that your muscles remain flexible and lean.

Put these together and you’d be ripped and so sexy in no time. You can then wear provocative bikinis with assurance.

2. Work on your tan.

These swimsuit pieces look best on beautifully tanned bodies. Soak up the sun whenever you can. However, make sure that you stay out only during UV-safe hours. And it pays to protect yourself with sunscreen.

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