String Thong Bikini

The string thong bikini is probably one of the sexiest outfits you can wear. This is one of those swimwear items that get people thinking, “Is there anything there?” As the name implies, the string thong is similar to the string. Its width is only a few centimeters, just thick enough to cover sensitive body parts. It is as if these few centimeters are the difference between clothing and a police citation for indecent exposure. In any case, anyone who has enough moxie to wear such revealing bottoms can look really hot and sexy.

Of course, it takes some work to be worthy to wear sexy beachwear. Here are some tips:

1. Have a regular exercise routine. Working out lets you get rid of unwanted fat, firm up your muscles, and build strength. To quickly get rid of unwanted fat and calories, do cardiovascular exercises. Examples of these are running, cycling, and jogging. Follow this up with strength training exercises. This would involve free weights of some weight-bearing exercise machines. This builds up your muscle’s bulk, endurance, and strength, allowing you to consume more energy (calories and stored fat) even when at rest. Always end your routine with stretching. This keeps you flexible and lean. Lean muscular bodies look best with string bikinis.

2. Try to get a natural tan by sunbathing during UV-safe hours. A healthy color is the best way to go. However, remember to always protect yourself by applying sunscreen before soaking up the sun.

3. Exude confidence. These provocative pieces look great on people with great bodies and undeniable confidence in themselves. While confidence is not something you can easily learn, you can begin with well-meaning smiles. A smile can always make you look your best.

Where to buy sexy swimwear

With any type of bathing suit, getting the correct size is crucial. You simply cannot wear anything that is too loose or too tight. Hence, it is important to fit your bikinis before you buy them. The best place for this is specialty stores. In these stores, you have several choices in terms of color, design, size, and fabric.

Once you know your exact measurements, you can venture into online shopping. With online shopping, you get even more options. The downside is that you cannot physically examine the merchandise. Your purchase will solely be based on design, color, size, and price. And since you cannot physically examine the products, make sure the shop has a return policy in case the swimsuit does not fit you.